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What Is Virtual Fashion?

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Virtual Fashion

At Fashion Composure we are your resource for virtual fashion, 3d model accessories, digital clothing and so much more.  
Virtual fashion is a term used to describe everything you have come to know in the real world of fashion except that it is represented in a digital format for 3d models and virtual people. 

You can have any fashion item from the real world recreated in a virtual or computer generated format for use with your 3d models, in games like the Sims and Second Life, plus for use in many graphic art programs and productions.  Likewise, almost anything can be created in the virtual fashion world using a computer assisted design software (CAD) that can then be used as a guide to create that same item in the real world.  This allows for tremendous creative freedom for designers to experiment with endless ideas without worrying about having to actually manufacture a physical product for each idea that they have. With the explosion of animated movies, video game characters, avatars, 3d sets and computer generated worlds, the need for virtual fashion is everywhere. 

There are millions of virtual people and they all need something to wear.  This is where Fashion Composure comes in.  We are your trend setting virtual fashion house for all of your digital clothing and accessory needs.  Virtual fashion goes beyond clothing though, we also specialize in hairstyles and makeup as well as jewelry and attitudes.  Lets go have some fun and explore the world of Fashion Composure's virtual fashion designs and digital clothing
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Gypsy Fashion
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Summer Sunnies
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